Our Product

A hand-sculpted or molded bust in the general likeness of the species and/or breed which houses within it a receptacle for the cremated remains of one's pet.  The bust can be customized for the purchaser by the use of color variation in the glazing or painting process to closely resemble the markings of their pet.  It can then be personalized by the purchaser by attaching their pet's tags to the provided hook which is located at the base of the collar which is part of the sculpted or molded bust.  The cremated remains of one's pet are placed in the receptacle which is attached to the base with a permanent adhesive.  The receptacle is made from two parts of threaded PVC to form a sealed receptacle for the cremated remains.  The receptacle is finished with a particular paint to give it the appearance of having been made of stone.  The base is made of wood which can be finished in many stain choices such as oak, walnut, or mahogany to go well with the purchaser's decor.  The completed urn can be further personalized with an optional engraved brass plate stating the pet's name, date of birth and date of death.

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