About Us

Having had to make the very difficult decision to have our beloved "Jake" put to rest, we as a family decided to have him cremated and the ashes returned to us.  Suddenly it was time to shop for an urn.  Visiting what seemed like hundreds of websites, and not really thinking that an Oriental vase or an oak box was worthy of our Jake's ashes, we decided to make our own urn that we could proudly display to honor our most cherished family member.  After coming up with an idea, it was time to get busy.  A lot of love was poured into making his urn and we were so pleased with the results, we thought it would be a good idea to make available to others an urn that not only resembles their pet, but can be customized with their pet's own tags.

We have been granted a provisional patent on our product and are excited about making it available on our website soon.